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TransCen’s Introduction to Customized Employment Training

Person teaching a workshop with the words: Discovery, job development, job analysis and post-employment supports on the white board.

TransCen, Inc. (TCI) is offering an Introduction to Customized Employment (CE) training for WI DVR service providers.

Introduction to Customized Employment Training Flyer (PDF)


TCI will provide a three-part webinar series and a subsequent in-person training for Wisconsin service providers.

The training will highlight how CE differs from Supported Employment and will look at three aspects of the process: (1) Discovery/Assessment, (2) Job Development & Employer Engagement, and (3) Post-placement Supports and Systematic Instruction

After each webinar, participants will be given a field-based assignment to complete. TCI staff will review the assignments and provide feedback. After the webinar series, TCI will offer an in-person, day-long training for participants who attend all 3 webinars and who complete the 3 field assignments. This face-to-face training will provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions, discuss challenges and share successes with service providers from across the state.


Participants MUST attend all three webinars and submit all of the field-based assignments to be eligible to attend the one-day in-person training.

Service provider registration will be limited to three (3) staff per agency during the initial registration period of May 9-16, 2019. Beginning Friday, May 17th, registration will be on a first come, first serve basis, until maximum capacity is reached.

Certificates of completion will be provided to participants who attend all three webinars, submit all of the field-based assignments, and who attend the one-day in-person training. Follow-up technical assistance will be available to those participants who receive a certificate of completion.

(Registration closes June 23rd)
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Webinar 1 of 3
Discovery and Assessment: Live Interactive Webinar
Monday, June 24th, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm CDT

Content: The first training will provide an overview of CE methods and the discovery process, including visual resumes and Positive Personal Profiles. Participants will learn to identify a job seeker’s skills and target potential employment options or settings that match a job seeker’s unique characteristics. Using case studies from TCI’s community-based employment services, TCI will demonstrate CE principles and person-centered, “value adding” placement methods. Participants will leave with a solid understanding of CE and how to conduct a discovery process and use this information to generate potential employment opportunities for their job seeker.

Assignment/Fieldwork: Participants will be asked to complete the discovery process on a selected job seeker, revise/compare Positive Personal Profile, complete a job development plan, generate list of potential employment settings/tasks to target, and create a list of 10 targeted employers.

Webinar 2 of 3
Job Development: Live Interactive Webinar
Monday, July 15th, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm CDT

Content: This workshop will provide participants with information on how to reframe how they market their candidates and partner with employers. TCI will use case studies from our community-based employment services to illustrate how to target employment opportunities, open doors, and more importantly, how to identify possible opportunities and negotiate customized jobs with employers. Participants will leave with field-tested approaches and tools for successfully presenting candidates and negotiating jobs with employers.

Assignment/Fieldwork: Participants will be asked to revise a customized job development plan that targets 10 employers to research, arrange/conduct an informational interview with one employer, and develop follow-up materials (potential task list, cost analysis, tailored resume, and employment proposal).

Webinar 3 of 3
Systematic Instruction and Support: Live Interactive Webinar:
Monday, August 12th 11:30 am – 1:30 pm CDT

Content: This final training focuses on post-placement support services, including job task analysis and skill instruction, how to effectively partner with employers to organize a “customized” job, and how to effectively train employees with more significant support needs. This webinar will give participants the tools they need to structure “customized jobs” and teach more complex tasks. Participants will learn about positive instructional strategies, error-free learning, and systematic instruction. Participants will learn ways to collect performance data and document progress using task analysis and other methods. TCI will provide case examples of customized jobs and job coaching methods from our community-based employment services.

Assignment/Fieldwork: Participants will be asked to arrange and conduct job/task analysis at an employer site, arrange and conduct systematic instruction with an employee or job seeker at an employer site, and a workplace supports plan for an employee that includes social integration and fading.

In-Person Training Sessions and Follow-up TA:

For those participants who attend all three webinars, submit the associated quizzes, and who complete and submit all of the field-based assignments, TCI will offer a one-day in-person training. The in-person trainings will be located in Milwaukee, Madison, Stevens Point, and Hayward. The in-person trainings will address the field assignments associated with ODEP’s four essential components of CE. Certificates of completion will be issued to the participants who complete all of the field-based assignments and attend the one-day in-person training. Follow up TA will be provided to those participants who receive a certificate of completion. All field assignments and Quizzes must be submitted by August 30th.

In-Person Training Session Schedule:

(All sessions are 9 am to 4 pm Central Time with an hour for lunch on your own)
September 17th – Milwaukee
September 18th – Madison
September 19th – Hayward
September 20th – Stevens Point

About the Training and TransCen

This training series is made possible by funding provided by the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. TCI’s CE training curriculum aligns with the Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy’s (ODEP) four essential components of CE.

TCI, a 501(c)(3), private non-profit corporation was established in 1986. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with disabilities through meaningful work and community inclusion. Our work is driven by the belief that employment and active community participation are attainable for all individuals, regardless of disability or other perceived barriers.

About the Trainers

Photo of Laura OwensLaura Owens, Ph.D., CESP is President of TCI and has over 30 years of experience in the area of special education, vocational rehabilitation, transition and employment training for individuals with disabilities. Laura was trained as a trainer in Marc Gold’s Try Another Way: Systematic Instruction and is a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP). For the past 20 years she has been a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Laura is a former special educator and the founder of Creative Employment Opportunities, Inc. (CEO), in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which she started in 1991 and the founder of ArtWorks for Milwaukee, a non-profit jobs training program in the arts for at risk youth and youth with disabilities, in 2001. She has provided training nationally and internationally on transition to employment, CE, self-determination, collaboration, and has provided field-based technical assistance to organizations and state agencies on organizational change.

Photo of Sara MurphySara Murphy is a Senior Associate and the Director of TransCen’s WorkLink program, a nationally recognized, employment service for job seekers with disabilities. For the past 30 years, Ms. Murphy’s focus has been on school-to-work and employment for individuals with disabilities. She has extensive experience in transition and direct services using CE placement methods, employer engagement, program development and system transformation. As part of TransCen’s consultation team, Ms. Murphy provides technical assistance and training for state agencies, school districts and service providers and also participates in federal and state initiatives, such as Social Security Administration’s Youth Transition Demonstration Projects, and the of course the Department of Labor’s ODEP Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program. Ms. Murphy is an ODEP recognized subject matter expert.